Make Your Penis Grow - But Beware The Male Enhancement Scams!

Male enhancement (or penis enlargement) is one of those areas that is rife with scams. Many men feel insecure about their penis size, and unscrupulous marketers prey on their insecurities to make a quick buck.

The truth is that there are methods that do work, but you really need to do your homework before wasting your hard earned cash.
Why Some Methods Work But Others Donít

Itís all to do with the penis anatomy. Inside the penis there are 2 chambers called the Corpora Cavernosa. These fill with blood every time you get an erection. The size of your penis is limited only (within reason) by how much blood these chambers can hold. Once they are full, then the penis cannot get any bigger.

If you can get a method which results in more blood getting into the penis, you will have a bigger penis. Increasing the amount of blood these chambers can hold is the only true way to get a bigger penis.

Male Enhancement Pills

Enlargement pills are probably the biggest scam. They are very popular because they are such an easy fix - pop a pill and get a bigger penis. Unfortunately, this is not the reality.

There is no proof, scientific or otherwise, that any of them work. The better ones increase blood flow, so should give you a stronger erection, but none of them will give you any extra size - because they do not and cannot increase the amount of blood the penis can hold.

The other major problem with penis enlargement pills is that they are totally unregulated by the FDA. This means that there are absolutely no controls on ingredients, so there will always be an element of risk - you never know exactly what it is that you are taking.

Male Enhancement Exercises

Well planned male enhancement exercise programs are designed specifically to address the root cause of the problem - the capacity of the penis to hold blood.  The exercises are based on jelqing, but in a good program are much more advanced and refined.

There are lots of exercise variations, but they all work on basically the same scientific principle. Blood is gently forced into the glans (or head) of the penis, using just your hands. This causes micro tears in the Corpora Cavernosa, which then heal themselves (usually overnight). But the repaired cells grow back stronger and larger than before, allowing the chambers to hold more blood, and therefore giving you a larger penis.

The real added beauty of the exercises is that the gains you achieve are permanent. When the cells grow back stronger and larger, they stay this way. As the penis is not a muscle, it will not revert back to its pre-exercise state - even after you stop doing the exercises.

Simple exercises really can make your penis up to 4 inches longer, and 2 inches wider. If you are ready to take action now, just click here.
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