Male Enhancement With Permanent Results

There are lots of methods available that promise you will get a bigger penis. Sadly, most of them are scams, or, at best, give only temporary results.

Here we’ll look at the main male enhancement methods, and particularly look for a method of male enhancement with permanent results.
Male Enhancement Pills

There are thousands of different penis enlargement pills on the market. However, the fact that there are so many does not mean that they are effective. Indeed, many of them have absolutely no effect whatsoever - apart from on your wallet. The better pills will enhance blood flow, so they should give you stronger erections, but they will not give you any extra size, even temporarily.

The only way to get extra size is by increasing the amount of blood that the penis can actually hold - or to be more precise, that the 2 chambers inside the penis (the Corpora Cavernosa) can hold. These fill with blood every time you get an erection, and their capacity (or lack of it) is the only thing that limits the size of your penis. Quite simply, getting more blood in will give you a longer, thicker penis.

Male Enhancement Weights And Pumps

These have been around for a long time - especially weights. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that they are good. Weights can be very dangerous. The penis is not a muscle, and weights can damage ligaments and nerve endings, possibly causing irreparable damage.

Penis enlargement pumps can be effective for treating impotence, as they create a vacuum and draw blood into the penis. You will of course need to have a penis ring of some sort to stop the blood just flowing straight back out again once you take the pump off. But as a means of enlargement, they just do not work.

Neither weights nor pumps address the core issue of increasing the amount of blood the penis can hold. There is only one method of male enhancement that does this.

Natural Penis Enlargement Exercises

Jelqing and more advanced male enhancement exercises work by actually increasing the capacity of the Corpora Cavernosa. They do this by gently forcing blood into these chambers (using just you hands). If this is done properly and consistently, the chambers will gradually increase in size, allowing more blood in, and therefore giving you a bigger penis.

The real beauty of this, apart from its simplicity, is that the gains are permanent. You do not have to keep doing the exercises for the rest of your life. Once you reach your desired size, you can stop doing them. Your penis will not revert back to its original size.

Male enhancement with permanent results is possible - and the best method is totally natural, safe and easy to do in the comfort of your own home.

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