Other Penis Enlargement Methods

There are lots of other possible ways to try to get a bigger penis, but the majority are scams. Things like patches, or health supplements that claim to miraculously make your penis grow overnight seem too good to be true, quite simply because they are.

They do not work, plain and simple. Do not waste your money on them. Two methods which have been around for a bit longer are pumps and hanging weights.
Penis Enlargement Pumps

A penis enlargement pump is a cylinder that is fitted over the penis, with either a manual or a motorized pump used to create suction. This creates a vacuum around the penis, which draws blood in, causing an erection.

The theory behind pumps is that the vacuum created inside the pump will induce greater blood flow, helping to stimulate growth.

Pumps do work as a treatment for impotence, although the problem is that when you take the pump off, the vacuum is gone, so the blood tends to leave the penis very quickly, and you lose your erection.

As a penis enlargement method, the same problem applies. You will get extra size as long as the pump is on, but take it off and you’ll go straight back to where you were before.

There are also quite serious safety risks with penis pumps. When using anything mechanical on the penis, there is a risk that you could burst capillaries, get blisters or, even worse, develop improper circulation leading to possible impotence and a whole host of other problems.

At best, you will get temporary enlargement but it soon fades back to your normal size. Overuse, or misuse by increasing the vacuum too quickly, could lead to tissue scarring or penis deformation.

Penis Enlargement Weights

Using hanging weights is one of the most dangerous forms of penis enlargement. The basic idea is to hang weights from the flaccid penis for short periods of time, stretching the penis out, and supposedly making it longer. Starting at say 5 pounds weight for 20 minutes a day, then building up to 15 pounds for 60 minutes, it is a time consuming process.

If the penis was a muscle, then doing weight lifting exercises with it might work to build it up, in the same way as a bodybuilder lifts weights to build up his biceps.

But because the penis is not made of muscle, all weights will do is stretch and damage the tissue, the nerve endings, and the ligaments, all of which can cause serious long term damage, possibly including impotence.

Also, weight hangings will never increase the girth of the penis, so you are likely to get a stretched, weak looking penis.

Rather than risking permanent damage to your penis, natural exercise programs are designed to be totally safe and effective, and use no mechanical devices of any kind. Remember, you use nothing only your hands, so there can be no unwanted side effects - just a bigger, stronger healthier penis.

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